Pictured here are the 603 Lg. Hanging Planter in Blue & White, 602 Med. Planter in Cobalt Black & White and 601 Sm. Planter in Green.

This pottery is all hand made, one lump of clay at a time. Even in a "matched set", each individual piece is unique. These pieces are made to be handled and used. That't their real beauty.

Considering the countless pieces of pottery I have created, I am continually amazed that a lump of clay can be transformed into a functional, beautiful object.

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All Planters

Product Size Volume Patterns & Colors
601 Sm. Planter 5 x 7
602 Med. Planter 6 x 9
603 Lg. Hanging Planter 7 x 10
604 Large Planger (no hanger) 7 X 10